A T H E N A . R O S E

24 | INFJ | Solitary Witch
My name is Athena and I create a number of different types of artwork, primarily digital nature and conceptual illustration. I am an artist, beekeeper, aspiring alchemist, and writer.

My Story

Although my mom and I traveled a lot while I was growing up, I spent most of my childhood in the Park Rapids area in Northern Minnesota, where I currently reside with my fiance behind a beautiful lakeside resort that he and I help manage with his parents. I began drawing digitally when I was 13 or 14 and have been ever since. I draw a lot of my muse from the forests surrounding my home, my friends, and a love for animals and all things natural. I have an affinity for drawing wild animals, particularly foxes, coyotes, and wolves.

My Inspiration

I glean inspiration from a lot of different things, but mainly nature, music, my friends (and their artwork), my favorite novelists, and my emotions.


Lately I have taken a shine to angels and angel hierarchy so many of my most recent works contain elements inspired by religious symbols such as angelic beings.

Icy moon

Capturing the atmosphere of a mood or season has always been a passion of mine; I like to look at this piece and think of the way your breath hangs in sub-zero air.


My emotions drove the completion of this piece and it remains one of my very favorites, despite its mistakes, over the course of about 4 days, where crippling sadness kept me otherwise dysfunctional.

So what’s next?

This year I’ve decided to dedicate myself and my creative energy to creating artwork, primarily digital, and offering these works to my followers and patrons full-time.