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Read carefully...

Please read all of my terms of service & use very carefully. By hiring me for any project, signing a contract, or otherwise utilizing my services, you are agreeing to and by any and all terms listed below. If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the following, please contact me here. These terms are subject to amendments in the form of additions, removals, and/or edits and updates. The dates of any amendments will be listed below the terms. 

Artwork Terms of Service & Use

I. The Commissioning Process…

i.a. Turn around time is variable based on the size and complexity of the commission, the length of my current queue, and the time of year for me – if you have a specific time frame in mind for a piece to be completed, please state your deadline clearly so that i may meet it.

i.b. Once purchased, a commission tier/type cannot be “swapped out” for another tier/type of commission of equal value.

i.c. Once a slot is claimed, information & payment is expected within 24 hours or else the slot is forfeit.

i.d. After information & payment is received, you may not swap out characters or references – you will receive what you ordered upon initial commission slot claim.

i.e. Payment is via PayPal’s invoicing service only – do not send funds directly to me, do not send as “Friends & Family,” do not send funds without my prior consent.

If. Payment is expected upfront and I will not begin nor complete the drawing process prior to receipt of funds.

i.g. Payment is expected in full – if you do not have the funds, please do not claim a slot.

i.h. There will be no refunds unless I am unable to complete a commission in a timely manner – you will be notified and given the option to wait until I am able to complete the commission or receive a refund.

i.i. I reserve the right to refund you at any time, should I no longer feel capable or comfortable with completing your commission for any reason.

i.j. I reserve the right to turn down a commission, forfeit a claimed slot, or refuse compensation at any time for any reason.

i.h. I reserve the right to blacklist former customers or potential customers for any reason. (i.e. any persons may fall on my blacklist for any reason, should you be subject to blacklisting, you will be promptly notified).


II. My Artwork & YOU…

ii.a. You may include any of my art in a character sale, you do not have to ask.

ii.b. You may alter any commissioned work as you like, so long as you have purchased the work and it belongs to you. I ask that you state that you’ve modified my work and the ways in which you have when crediting.

ii.c. You may not sell any of my art individually nor profit off of my work commercially, unless otherwise explicitly stated.


III. Regarding Characters…

iii.a. Any premade markings/characters may be resold/traded/given away – Please price these works accordingly.

iii.b. If you sell/trade/give away a personal character that I created and used on a personal level, please let me know who ends up with the character.

iii.c. After you’ve sold/traded/given away a character I have created, it is no longer under your jurisdiction and you cannot place your own terms on it after sale (i.e. you can’t say “must give back to me if no longer wanted”)

iii.d. I reserve the right to repossess any character that I feel is in violation of my terms at any time, without compensation.


IV. Crediting & usage of artwork…

iv.a. You may use any purchased artwork from me anywhere for anything (so long as it is nonprofit) but please give credit to me in the form of a link to one of my social media profiles or art-related platforms. (Please don’t just say “(c) Angel” nobody will know who you are talking about)

iv.b. You may re-upload any purchased artwork on any site, please give credit in the form of a link to one of my social media profiles or art-related platforms.

iv.c. Artwork that is purchased may not be used commercially, unless explicitly stated and agreed upon by both parties in the form of a binding contract, the terms of which will be specific to the individual purchasing said work and myself.

Last updated: 12/28/2020