digital illustration & design info

Scroll through this page to learn about the different types of commissions I offer, samples of which, and prices of each type of commission. If you have an idea that isn’t shown here, please feel free to contact me so we can negotiate the project and price. Click the images for fullsize view. 

Family Portraits 

Contemporary minimalist figure portraits with muted colors and interpretative design. 

$20 | Includes 3 figures (people or pets)

+ $5 | Add a pet figure 

+ 3 | Add a newborn/baby figure

+8 | Add a toddler/child/adult figure

Painted Busts

Detailed digital bust painting – typically from the waist or shoulders up.

$85 | Single figure/character 

+ $65 | Add for each additional figure/character


Clean sketch on a solid background of a character of your choice. 

$21 | Single figure/character 

+ $12 | Add figure/character 

Complex Reference Remakes

Large, multi-view character reference sheet with detailed information, palettes, and accessories. 

$225 | Three figures, headshot, chibi views

+ $45 | Add for anthro figure 

+ $38 | Add for feral figure 

+ $24 | Add for chibi (x2) 

+ $18 | Add for headshot 

+ $12 | Add for accessory 

Transparent Complex Painting

Large, complex painting with a transparent background. 

$145 | Single figure/character 

+ $100 | Add for another figure/character

Simple Reference Remake

Simple reference sheet remake with minimal text. 

$95 | Single feral figure and headshot 

+ $45 | Add for anthro figure 

Logo Design

Royalty free, one-time payment logo design to be used commercially. 

$350 | Single logo license